Apr 102010

Need a break? Want a break? Neither need one nor want one but compulsively click on any hyperlink you come across? Great! Then check out this slick little step sequencer. The rows each represent a different note, the columns represent 16th notes in a measure.

You can also save any given one-measure frame by right-clicking on the sequencer and selecting copy. This pushes a comma-separated string to your clipboard. You can load them again by copying that same string, right clicking on the sequencer and selecting paste.

Here’s one of my favorites that I’ve bashed together in the way-too-long I’ve spent playing with this thing in the past couple of days:


On a somewhat related note (read: not really related at all), here’s a video of British artist Little Boots playing her single “Meddle”.

For a drum machine, she uses the coolest and most interesting sequencer on the market today, Yamaha’s Tenori-On. (The Tenori-On can also function as a synthesizer and a midi controller. I want one with a fierceness.) She also uses a Stylophone, which is another neat little instrument that I’m keen on getting my hands on.

So go have fun with that sequencer, make some awesome loops with it, and feel free to share them in the comments. And if anyone has an extra Tenori-On and/or Stylophone they want to give me, my birthday’s coming up in about a week.

…Just sayin’ is all.

Update: Apparently I fail at embedding YouTube videos. Video embed fixed.