Dec 112012

“We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when”

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Wait, I know exactly where and when.

Over at my new blog, just as soon as you click this link.

Yes that’s right, this blog is deprecated, or at very least on permanent hiatus. So please do drop by my new cyber-digs and say hello.

Oct 252009

Please stand by…

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A lot of changes are afoot in my various blogs/online presences.  When the dust settles, I hope that the result will be better blogs, with more frequent and more content-laden updates.

In the meantime here’s an awesome tune that I found via ErnestThing’s blog.  It’s roughly a million different varieties of groovy.

Mr. Scruff and Quantic, “It’s Dancing Time”:

Oct 212009

Updating WP Again

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Hey, updating WordPress to 2.8.5 here in a few minutes.  Give me a holler if it breaks anything.

In the meantime, here’s Neko Case performing “Hold On, Hold On” from her excellent album Fox Confessor Brings the Flood:

(Hat tip to my friend Ann for reminding me today just how awesome this tune is.)

Aug 032009

WordPress Updated

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Hey folks, just updated the WordPress install on the blogs to the latest and greatest. If it gives you any grief, please let me know in the comments.

Jul 062009

Hey Presto!

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Well, would you look at that. I finally got around to changing the Categories all to Tags. The categories were a hold-over from the Blogspot days, but they were clunky and annoying in WordPress. I’ve created some categories to use, but all the old ones were converted to tags. This both makes the blog search easier, but also significantly cleans up the right-hand sidebar. It also makes admin easier for me. So, you know, wins all around.

You’ll notice that most of the posts are currently all tagged, but “Uncategorized”, I’ll try to get those assigned to the appropriate general category (e.g. “Reviews”, “Videos”, etc.) over the next couple weeks.

Oct 222008

First off, for the two other people in the world who got the Kate Rusby reference: congratulations on joining me in the land of Epic World Folk Nerddom.

At any rate: this week’s column (and a review I’ve been working on of the new Oasis album) are late due to illness.  I’ll get them up as soon as my lungs start behaving and I stop having fever dreams about Regina Spektor playing me like a Steinway.

With any hope that will be either tonight or tomorrow.  For now, though, more sleep.

Jul 232008

WP Upgrade

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My cyber-roomy, the amazing Heather, did me the favor of upgrading the Word Press install here at FTT.  As usually happens with upgrades, it broke a few of the tweaks I’d made to the interface.  So if you can’t find something, please be patient; things will be back to normal soon-ish.

Jul 142008

So I had been relying on Word Press’ automated “you have a comment” emails, but recently those have started getting spam-canned. I think I have the problem solved, but if you made a comment and I didn’t respond, I’m going to blame it on an over-eager spam filter.

As recompense, here’s a video that the lovely, talented Ann (who, BTW, just got a new job, so be sure to stop by her blog and congratulate her) reminded me of in comments to last week’s Playlist:

Jul 042008


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Well, I’ve been thinking for awhile that I need to find a good embeddable audio plugin for WordPress. When I finally got around to it, it took me all of 30 seconds, thanks to the power of Google. So here’s an initial test of the creatively named Audio-Player plugin. If this works, then tomorrow sometime I’ll be posting a few tunes from a band which I’m pretty stoked about (and not just because I’m good friends with the singer.)

In the meantime, here’s some Louis Armstrong:

UPDATE: Well that was anticlimactic. It appears not to be working.

UPDATE 2: It helps if you upload all the needed files to the right place.  Should be working now.

Jun 272008

State of the Blog Address

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So I’ve been thinking lately: the weekly review thing has been a lot of fun and has been exceptionally informative, but I think it’s time for a definite break from it. The format as it was was good, but eventually got to feel decidedly like something I had to do rather than something I wanted to do. This is no one’s fault but my own.

Honestly, I think the experience of writing those reviews, all of music which I didn’t pick for myself, has been a great one. I think I’m a better writer and a better listener for the experience. But too often, with as busy as my life has been, I’ve considered it a chore. As chores go, it sort of necessarily ranks towards the bottom of things, since I don’t get paid for it and it’s not necessary for getting through my day. But I did feel like I had to do it. There were even days when I thought “oooh, I should write a FTT post about X! Oh, wait, I’m already a week overdue on my review, I shouldn’t post anything until I get that done . . . ”

So I think that it’s time for a hiatus from the reviews. Honestly, I think that this will increase the rate at which I post here and (hopefully) increase the quality. My friend Ann (half of the hot new movie blog Cine-ful Thoughts) made an excellent point today about “stopping by and just seeing more videos.” I think they’ve sort of become my default filler these days.

So here’s the deal: no more weekly reviews. But more posts, more actual content, less filler. I’m thinking of doing a sort of weekly music newsletter sort of thing. Instead of holding myself to reviews, I’d like to write more about the music industry, what I’m listening to at the moment, and what’s going on in the swiftly evolving world of modern music.

So I’m thinking that there will still be some sort of weekly post, but it will be more of the stuff I care about. With as busy as life is, I think that if I come to this project thinking “I get to write about X” as opposed to “I really should write about X”, then I’ll be better and happier about posting. But overall, and more importantly, I’m shooting for more frequent and more content-full posts. There will still be reviews and videos, just not on a schedule and not chosen by the readers.

For all of you who voted: thank you SO much. I’m a better listener and a better writer because of all of you. And thanks to everyone for reading. I hope you’ll continue to do so. I also hope you’ll all continue to participate in the comments. And now, I’m going to lead out with a video of the Dead Boys covering “Search and Destroy” by the Stooges.

P.S: I’m also going to do something one of these days about the plain default blogger template that I’ve been using. Note to self: learn PHP and a sense of visual aesthetics.