Nov 302007

This song is absolutely stunning. It’s Oasis covering Cat Stevens’ “Trouble”.

(h/t, as often, to Ann)

Nov 292007

"I must be strong, stay an unbeliever"

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Franz Ferdinand, “Walk Away” off of You Could Have Had It So Much Better

Nov 272007

"Wanna live, I don’t wanna die"

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Oasis performing an acoustic version of “Live Forever”, off of Definitely Maybe.

Nov 262007

"I don’t mind about the state of my mind"

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A new Jesus and Mary Chain album is apparently in the works, apparently.

This pleases me greatly.

Nov 262007

Was just talking to Ann about the new Chuck Ragan (formerly of Hot Water Music, I come to find out) solo album she passed me. It’s amazing stuff, and I thought I’d share. So here’s a fan video/slide show thing set to my favorite track off the album, “Geraldine.”

The album is Feast or Famine and it’s fantastic. (Many thanks to Ann for sharing the music-love.)

Nov 252007

That poor piano!

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So I was looking for more material by the band [Ingenting] (whose song “Punkdr√∂mmar” has topped my “late-night solo dance party” playlist for a fair while now) when I ran across this video. It’s for the song “Ingenting” by the band Kent. It’s very . . . peculiar. Also, very Swedish. Enjoy!

Nov 252007

Score one for Daft Punk’s fandom

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An awesome song and super-cool fan video. (h/t to Ann)

Nov 252007

"He’s the ninja of love!"

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Listening Assignment: Freezepop, “Ninja of Love” off of their latest album, Future Future Future Perfect.

Question: Best/most addictive Freezepop single yet? Discuss.

Nov 252007

And now, a sentence I’d never thought I’d type . . .

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50 Cent makes an excellent point regarding censorship/bowdlerization and language hypocrisy. Admittedly his latest run-in with censorship has lest to do with him using foul language as it does him bragging about, you know, murdering people, but I think he’s right that, as a rap artist, his albums will receive a lot more scrutiny from the social censors as will albums from artists working in other genres. This could be framed in one of two ways: 1.) People are discriminating against rap music, or 2.) People don’t actually listen to the lyrics of pop songs anymore.

Nov 242007

Sigur Ros; No voting this week

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Okay, okay, so I know I’ve been sucking at posting here lately. Work, school, the holidays, etc. have, along with my regular disorganization and procrastinatory skills, conspired to kill any chance of me keeping up on projects like this lately.

So, in the interests of prepping for the end of the semester and getting back on track (i.e. clearing out my “shit to blog about” folder) and due to the fact that there’s basically nothing coming out this week (aside from the new Mudvayne album), next week’s review will be of the latest Sigur Ros album, and there will be no voting for this week.

P.S: Happy belated Thanksgiving to all.