Jul 302008

What do you get when Jack White and Alicia Keys team up to create the theme song for the most retardedly named Bond film in cinema history?

I guess we’re gonna find out.

Jack White + Alicia Keys + Quantum of Solace = “Another Way To Die”, apparently.

Bonus: Jack and Meg still have Fox News convinced that they’re siblings, even though that notion’s been pretty well sunk.

Jul 302008

Tuesday Playlist for 2008.7.29

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Intro: Probably another short one this week. Work continues to be mad-crazy, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Whether it’s the other end or a train is both undetermined and largely immaterial; either way, it means not having to debug serial communications code anymore.

Listening: This week’s been work-intensive, which means that I’ve spent most of my concious hours tuned in to Pandora. The three stations that have been getting the most airtime this week have been my California Punk station (Bad Religion + The Dead Kennedys + The Vandals + Social Distortion + Black Flag), my Industrial station (Nine Inch Nails + Orgy), and a random station I put together out of bands that I just had a hankering to listen to. (The Raconteurs, The Rakes, The Flaming Lips, and Echo & the Bunnymen). Needless to say, that last station’s a bit of a head trip.

Upcoming: Wait, you mean they’re STILL making MORE music? I can barely keep up with the stuff that was new a month ago much less anything that’s still coming out. Only thing I’m looking forward to music-wise at the moment is hitting up the Ryan Adams/Oasis show later this month with my buddy Trevor.

News: Well, the news from the UK is that the Mercury Award Nominees have been announced. No surprises there except that…wait. Wait a minute. There’s been a mistake. The new Portishead album isn’t on the list. That has to have been an oversight. I mean, admittedly, I haven’t heard all the albums on the list, (though there are one or two on there that I’ve been meaning to grab), but how can Third not be among the nominees. It’s BRILLIANCE! Dark, groovy, barely-sensical brilliance!

I expect this heinous act of nominatory (it’s a word now!) incompetence to be rectified shortly.

Thinking: I sure do blog a lot about British music, don’t I? I mean, maybe there are certain elements of the British musical aesthetic that just mesh nicely with my own, but if you figure out “FTT blog space per capita”, I’m pretty sure it’s probably way skewed towards stuff from the UK. Interesting, that. I mean, I’m a fairly unapologetic Anglophile in a lot of ways, but it never occurred to me that my ear might be biased in that direction. Definitely something that bears further consideration.

Song of the Week: Apologies for the short columns two weeks running. The work craziness will be sorted out soon. In the meantime, here are the Raconteurs doing “Steady As She Goes” off Broken Boy Soldiers:

Jul 272008

Scott Meyer: Right on the Bee Gees

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Via of basicinstructions.net

Via basicinstructions.net

Jul 232008

WP Upgrade

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My cyber-roomy, the amazing Heather, did me the favor of upgrading the Word Press install here at FTT.  As usually happens with upgrades, it broke a few of the tweaks I’d made to the interface.  So if you can’t find something, please be patient; things will be back to normal soon-ish.

Jul 222008

Tuesday Playlist for 2008.7.22

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Intro: Well, folks, unfortunately going to be a short one tonight. Work, as always, has me slammed and since I’m working with clients in the Eastern time zone, it means an early morning tomorrow. So here’s a condensed Playlist for you which will have to tide you over until next week or until things calm down enough that I can post a little more frequently.

Listening: The past month or so I’ve really just been listening to old favorites. I think that after almost a year of buying and listening heavily to a new album every week I was kind of craving some of the classics. This week it’s mainly been Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia by the Dandy Warhols and a selection of my favorite Cure tracks/albums.

First off, I really have to say that Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia is the most underrated albums of the past decade. I honestly think that it’s musically and satirically brilliant. The opener “Godless” to the closer “The Gospel” and peaking with the much-loved single “Bohemian Like You” it really is a masterful sendup of turn-of-the-millennium hipster culture and modern society as a whole. Add to that that it’s full of absolutely masterful rock tunes and you have one of the best rock albums of the new millennium.

Secondly, the Cure. Top 5 Cure tunes. Anyone want to play? Mine are as follows:

1.) “Lovesong” (This is as much because I associate it with someone very special as anything else, but it is a brilliant tune.)

2.) “Grinding Halt” (The Cure do Punk back when Punk was still important? Yes, please!)

3.) “alt.end” (“There’s a big, bright, beautiful world/Just the other side of the door.” Yeah, I think we can all relate sometimes.)

4.) “The Lovecats” (Maybe I’m just weird like that, but I kind of want this song played at my wedding.)

5.) “Killing an Arab” (The Cure riff on Camus; what’s not to like?)

Upcoming: Haven’t really seen anything exciting coming up. I have, however, heard great things about the Hold Steady, so I may need to grab the album they released last week. Also, I’m still loving Beck’s latest and I’m planning to review it as soon as I get a chance.

Oh, and then there’s the new Paul Westerberg album. I’ve never been a huge Replacements or Paul Westerberg fan (pardon me while I dodge brickbats from the audience), personally, but it’s there if you’re into that kind of thing.

News: The new Paul Westerberg (late of the Replacements) album that I mentioned above is for sale through Amazon for only $.49. That’s right, less than half a dollar. The whole thing’s a bit gimmicky: a single-track album, called 49:00, for sale for $.49, on July 19th (or as the calender-impaired Westerberg claims: June 49th). Inexplicably, Mr. Westerberg shies at the last gate: the monotractual (it’s a word now!) album clocks in at just 43:55.

Also, apparently donuts are now the official currency of Pitchfork Media.

Thinking: Why is everyone surprised that John Lydon’s been implicated in a racist dust-up? This is a man who, along with Sid Vicious and co., defined the public shock-persona. At this point, it doesn’t matter whether John Lydon is or isn’t racist; people are scandalized that Johnny Rotten might be. And really, that’s what matters, I think, as far as Lydon/Rotten is concerned.

Song of the Week: Here’s The Cure’s “Grinding Halt” (off their 1979 debut Three Imaginary Boys) accompanied by an awesome stop-motion video done by youtube user badhill:

Jul 222008

Johnny Rotten Racism Kerfuffle

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So apparently John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) either is or is not a racist.  Basically all any of the articles on the topic say for sure is that Kele Okereke got beaten.  Would it surprise me if John Lydon were racist?  Not particularly.  But it wouldn’t surprise me if he weren’t, either.  As a rule, anything involving John Lydon, Gene Simmons, Madonna, Bono, or any member of the Rolling Stones is best considered a publicity stunt until proven otherwise.

Jul 192008

“Mach diche, mein Herze, rein” from the St. Matthew Passion by J. S. Bach. Sinan Vural, baritone.

Update: Well this is vexing.  Apparently my embedded audio player doesn’t like the file for some reason.  At any rate, it’s available for download here or here.  It’s well worth the listen.

Jul 152008

Tuesday Playlist for 2008.7.15

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Intro: Holy Strings of Hendrix! Three on-time columns in a row? That’s unpossible! Ah, dear readers, but it is happening. In today’s Playlist, why Sigue Sigue Sputnik are more awesome than most people give them credit for, thoughts on the newly-announced Bumbershoot lineup, and the best song ever to use the word “flaaahaa”.

Listening: So occasionally I just need synth pop.  In the same way that I drink an occasional glass of scotch or smoke an occasional cigarette, (usually together) I go on occasional synth pop kick.  Earlier this week when I found myself drinking a snifter of Laphroaig and smoking a Djarum, I suddenly felt an overpowering urge to put on Sigue Sigue Sputnik‘s Flaunt It.  It felt somehow fitting.  As if it somehow rounded out a triumvirate of bad vices: alcohol, tobacco, and synth pop.

But are Sigue Sigue Sputnik and the keyboard-and-sample heavy pop music that they helped pioneer really so bad?  I don’t think so.  I mean, sure, it can be a bit goofy at times (I’m looking at you, now, Freezepop), but there’s also something extremely endearing about it.  I mean, the combination of elements of obviously non-organic origins (samples, drum machines, keyboards, etc.) with human vocals and addressing human themes is, in a way, sort of sweet.  To me it’s the act of taking technology and making it our own.  Using man-made tools and applying them to deep human concerns.

…Okay, so synth pop bands do tend to spend a lot of their time singing about robots and space and other non-human things, but even songs like “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles hit at some pretty quintessentially human things.  That they do that largely with what amount recycled and/or artificially produced sounds is pretty impressive to me.

I mean, hell, even “Love Missile F1-11” is about love and care for one’s fellow human beings.  (Or about lust depending on how metaphorically one wants to take the “missile” images in the song.)  But hey: love, compassion, and lust are all extremely human things.

So can Sigue Sigue Sputnik be a little campy sometimes?  Yes.  But is indulging in their unique brand of synth pop ridiculousness going to hurt me?  Nope.  Just as long as I don’t get addicted.

And honestly, I can quit anytime.  .  .  Right after I hear “21st Century Boy” just ONE more time.

Upcoming: A new album by The Hold Steady is out today.  I’ve largely missed them, anyone in the audience a fan?  Is a new album from them something I should be excited about?

Nine Inch Nails’ newest album The Slip comes out next Tuesday on CD.  If you can’t wait that long, it’s been available for digital download for awhile now and it is WELL worth the download.  And it’s free!  Why?  Because Trent Reznor loves each and every one of us.  Or because he hates the record companies.  Or some awesome combination of the two.

Also: did you know that Alice Cooper’s still around?  And that he’s making music?  And that he’s given up drugs and alcohol and taken up religion and golf?  (No, seriously.)  Well he’s got a new album coming out (his 25th!) in a fortnight.  2000’s Brutal Planet and 2001’s Dragontown weren’t bad.  I may have to give the old man a shot.

Also that same week (if you’re not tired of giving them money, yet) the Rolling Stones have a new DVD out.  See, I often joke about rock stars saying “wait, shouldn’t they be dead now?” and such but the thing about the Rolling Stones is, they actually all ARE dead.  Those are just clever crafted androids parading around and giving shows and shooting DVDs and such.  Isn’t it amazing how far we’ve come?

News: Well, the new Bumbershoot schedule is finally out and it’s a doozy.  It’s got music, comedy, visual arts, literature, the whole 9 yards.  Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make it this year (the next few months are going to be crazy and broke for me), but those who do go will be treated to everything from musical headlines Beck, The Stone Temple Pilots, and Death Cab for Cutie to science fiction luminary William Gibson.  If you can go, do so.  It’s August 30th through September 1st in Seattle and it’s going to be fanastic.

Thinking: Honestly, I haven’t had much time to think about anything but work lately.  And while at work I do try to listen to music.  Favorite work soundtracking by far is electronic dance stuff, mostly trance and drum-and-bass.  It also helps that I have headphones with both great sound quality and excellent noise attenuation.  This is doubly so, since I work in a small office with five other people.

Basically your thought for the week is “trance + headphones = good work music.”  I’ll have something deeper and more interesting next week, I promise.

Song of the Week: Ever since Ann reminded me that Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry did a cover of “Hey Jude” I’ve been listening to that and to Hugh Laurie’s “The Sophisticated Song” on pretty heavy repeat.  So here for the song of the week is my favorite Hugh Laurie tune and one of my favorite songs of all time:

Video: Hugh Laurie performs “The Sophisticated Song”
Jul 142008

So I had been relying on Word Press’ automated “you have a comment” emails, but recently those have started getting spam-canned. I think I have the problem solved, but if you made a comment and I didn’t respond, I’m going to blame it on an over-eager spam filter.

As recompense, here’s a video that the lovely, talented Ann (who, BTW, just got a new job, so be sure to stop by her blog and congratulate her) reminded me of in comments to last week’s Playlist:

Jul 142008

Random question: favorite albums for early mornings?

One of mine (not sure if I’d give it top billing, but certainly Top 5), is the Clash’s Combat Rock.

In the interests of making your Monday morning a little more danceable, here’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” with Mick Jones on vocals and the amazing Paul Simonon busting out some great dance moves towards the end.