Sep 122010

So one of the major flaws with “I like all music but X and Y” thinking, is that one genuinely never knows where a really awesome song will come from. I can totally understand that some genres might not to speak to a listener as much as others. Others might have a remarkably low signal-to-noise ratio. Others may be full of gimmicky bands whose premise is so ridiculous that it’s hard to take them seriously.

But see, then one of those ridiculous bands makes a song like this:

The Protomen write and record songs (two full albums of them so far) based entirely on the old Megaman series of games. Is that kind of absurd? Well yeah, it is. But is this tune (“Act II: Breaking Out”) an awesome, well-crafted, poignant rock tune? I contend that yes. Yes it is. That it’s also a well-crafted, poignant rock tune about Megaman is entirely beside the point. It still totally rocks.

So next time you hear yourself saying “I like all music but X and Y” know that yes, Virginia, X and Y do have some really awesome tunes. You just haven’t found them yet.

Maybe because you’re not looking.

One Response to ““so kiss me fast, ’cause there’s no time to lose””

  1. Meagan says:

    It kind of reminds me of 90s Meatloaf.

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