Feb 042009

Intro: Well, we’re back after last week’s bout of suckitude.  Sorry about that, folks.  I’ll try to be better about updating in the future.  Now if I can only get around to actually updating that other blog of mine.  Oh well, on to the column!

Listening: In addition to my recent Josh Ritter addiction, I’ve also rekindled my obsession with 50 Foot Wave.  It’s probably no secret by now that I’m a fan of both crunchy, noisy rock music and of Kristin Hersh, so the Hersh-fronted power trio is pretty much right up my alley.  Songs like “Animal” off their Free Music EP or “Clara Bow” off of Golden Ocean pretty much hit all of my “get on up and dance” buttons.  Which makes it just a little awkward that I’ve been listening to 50 Foot Wave at work.

I’ve also recently acquired the new Franz Ferdinand album (Tonight: Franz Ferdinand), but haven’t had much of a chance to listen to it yet.

Upcoming: Honestly, I’m having kind of a hard time getting excited about anything coming up, other than the new Morrissey album which is out on the 16th.  But, if Moz’s fop-rocking ways aren’t quite your thing, or if the middle-aged Mancunian minstrel isn’t enough for you, then there’s also albums out today from The Fray, The Young Dubliners, and The Von Bondies.

Coming up in the next few weeks are releases from Dan Auerbach and Ben Lee.

Thinking: My most frequent music-related thought these past couple weeks has been some variation on “where the hell’s the lineup for Sasquatch?!”  Seriously, waiting until February to announce their lineup?  It’s almost as if they know I’m going to buy a ticket no matter who they get to play . . .  Of course, the rumor is that John Vanderslice will be playing this year, which (if true) is reason enough for me to go.  One of the best shows I’ve been to in my life was John Vanderslice at the Detour here in Spokane.  It was a cozy little venue and he gave a great show.  I ambushed him after the show to do the classic sycophantic fan schtick and, being the patient man that he is, he introduced himself and hung out to chat for a few minutes.  I was totally being That Guy, and yet he was not only patient enough to talk to me, he seemed genuinely interested in meeting me and in talking about his music and his tour.

Basically John Vanderslice is not only an amazing musician, but also a total class act as a person, as well.  A rumor of him playing at Sasquatch is definitely a Good Thing.

Other rumors regarding the line up are pretty thin on the ground, but the unofficial Sasquatch Festival Blog is probably the best place for them.

News: Speaking of Music Festivals, it looks like the lineup for Bonnaroo has been announced, as has the lineup for Coachella.  Some awesome stuff in both sets, but it looks like Bonnaroo is playing hard for the “Best Festival Lineup of the Season” award. I mean, c’mon, the Boss, The Decemberists, Andrew Bird, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wilco, Nine Inch Nails, David Byrne, Elvis Costello, Niko Case, Brett Dennen, A. A. Bondy, . . .  I would go on, but I think I damn near ODed on awesome just from that fraction of the list alone.  Shit, anyone want to head out to Tennessee in June?

In much sadder news, 50 years ago, the music died.  A small aircraft carrying Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper, crashed near Clear Lake, Iowa.  There were no survivors.  All three were fantastic musicians and rock pioneers.  Here’s a recording of Buddy Holly (with the Crickets) with their first big hit, “That’ll Be the Day”:

Resquiescant in pace.

Song of the Week: Here’s a great recording of 50 Foot Wave performing “Your Ghost”, originally made famous by Kristin Hersh in her solo days.

Feb 262008

"It’s not a slow-dance, this modern romance"

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I put this song on a mix for someone special recently and had it stuck in my head ever since.

Ben Lee, “Into the Dark” (audio on this video is pretty quiet, and the song is remarkably groovy, so be sure to turn up your speakers.)