Oct 262009

Screw Disneyland

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This girl has the right idea:

“A teenage girl had a smashing time when a bizarre wish she made from her sickbed allowed her to destroy garden gnomes with a guitar while dressed as a rocker from the band AC/DC.

Paige Jones, who made the request to a charity while recovering from a jaw operation, whacked her way through dozens of the garden ornaments with a bass guitar.

The 14-year-old, who dressed up as guitarist Angus Young in a school uniform and shorts, admitted she may have been under the influence of anaesthetic when she made the request to Russells Hall Wishing Well charity.”

Beats the hell out of a boring old theme park, I’d say.  In the spirit of smashing shit with guitars, here’s some Smashing Pumpkins.  (Yeah, I know, it’s a stretch.  Work with me here.)  This is their song “Eye” off the Lost Highway soundtrack.