Jan 162010

I’ve been meaning to blog this for awhile.  Well, I’ve been meaning to blog something, anything for awhile, and look where that’s gotten me.  Hacker, guitarist, and gadfly extraordinaire Zed Shaw has been working on a pretty cool project called Fret War.  From the About page:

Fret War gathers guitarists from all over the interwebs to a showdown for fame and glory to prove they are the fastest, most accurate, creative or unique players out there.

The idea is simple: Once a week the Conductor submits a round with a musical challenge. It could be based on a mode, a motif, a particular piece of non-copyrighted music, or something totally weird.

Once a player submits an entry for the round, they get to review and comment on other people’s entries.  The best reviewed entry wins the round, earning that player fame and fortune cowbells.  The next week it starts all over again with a new round and a new challenge.

I’m a fan of the concept, since it seems like an awesome way to build skills.  I’m a flat amateur when it comes to guitar, so I’d probably be massively outclassed by the talent on Fret War, but for someone with more skill and time to devout to it, the rounds seem interesting and diverse and the competition seems lively.  Here’s a few of my favorite submissions from the last few rounds:

A-Ron, “ok”

Chad Woolley, “Southern Weather”

Hank Marquardt, “Narc Oil”

EDIT: It looks like the above embedded objects aren’t working.  I’ve updated the artist/song names to be links to the applicable Fret War pages, so you can click through and hear the submissions.

EDIT: Fixed. Via Chad Woolley in the comments, it looks like Zed only implemented the feature today. I recopied the embed code and they appear to be working again. Thanks Chad and Zed!