Aug 092010

Via TwentyFourBit, I came across this awesome footage of Nine Inch Nails playing their classic “Hurt” with the help of none other than David Bowie. Almost too much awesome for one stage:

David Bowie and NIN: “Hurt”

Oct 102008

Friday Five

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Well, I’m off to see The Mathematicians at the Empyrean.  But before I scamper off . . .

Five Covers That I Like More Than the Original:

The Killers, “Why Don’t You Find Out for Yourself?” (Morrissey cover)

Nirvana, “The Man Who Sold the World” (David Bowie cover)

Johnny Cash, “Hurt” (Nine Inch Nails cover)

Jimi Hendrix, “All Along the Watchtower” (Bob Dylan cover)

The Cure, “Creep” (Radiohead cover)